Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Hello again thought I would answer Gary's question, sorry I forgot to mention that our new friend is 2 fox and they are great to watch, my neighbor is not to pleased because they are digging holes in his yard,told him today if he would feed them they would not dig.
Jack and I went to Sam's club today and spent over $1000.00 on food for him to cook for his ladies night at the Bronco Club for you that do not know what this is it is a hunting club for people that work or have worked a Internation Paper which at one time was Union Camp.
Well so much for that.


Lexi said...

Grandma, twice in one day yipee!! Your back, and I have missed you. I hope Grandaddy had a great birthday. Im sure you made him feel special on his big 70. Well we all know he is "Special" shh don't tell him I said that. LOve you!!

Judi said...

Keep it up Mom

GJG said...

ahh so ya got yourself a nest of foxes ---what the hell do ya feed foxes anyway----foster farm chicken or (shudder) the arkansas stuff? Sounds like Jack really knows how to throw a dinner for a few close friends-----(heh, heh, heh)

Lexi said...

Grandma I noticed your growing your hair longer. It looks beautiful.