Saturday, May 24, 2008


Well we think that we have finally found out what was digging some of the holes, set out a soft catch trap and low and behold we caught our selves a nice black and white skunk( sun skunks as they are called here).
Now what do you do with a skunk well you stay as far away a possible, for the last two nights his friends have come looking for him or her which ever the case maybe and they are not very happy they keep leaving us a nice smell, my neighbor made the mistake of leaving her windows and doors open, so much for airing out your house.
Jack and I helped cook yesterday at church it was hard work but we really enjoyed the fellowship with every one, did not sell as many tickets as we wanted to, but we managed to find good homes for what we had left, fixed some much chicken I started to grow feathers. Women's Ministry always do such nice things, great bunch of women.
My granddaughter Marisa is coming over to stay with me tonight so guess I better get busy and finish my work. Have a great one all and will check in later.


Lexi said...

I am glad you found what was diggin those holes. damn skunks!

Judi said...

I love when you blog. I just wish it was more often. Thanks for the update on the wholes.

Kalo's World said...

Thanks again, Marisa had a great time and said she wishes she could have stayed longer. Keep bloggin!!

GJG said...

Well, glad you got rid of them critters, bet they put up a real stink about being evicted-----guess would have to say the rural life can be somewhat to rural at times. so you and the church ladies fixed a whole passle of cluck-cluck huh?---damn bet it was damn good eating. keep the blog coming Lady, let the younguns eat dust.