Monday, May 26, 2008


Looks like another great day in my corner of the world.
Maybe do a little shopping and try and find a few bargains, need to pick up a few things from Farm Fresh, love their crab salad.
Now that our hole digger is gone can't seem to catch anything on our night vision camera, I'm sure the critters weren't hanging around waiting for him to clear the way.
Gig last nights dinner was B-B-Q spare ribs with baked beans and cole slaw and lemon cream cake and of course iced tea.
Shout out to all our Troops and all they do to keep us safe.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Well we think that we have finally found out what was digging some of the holes, set out a soft catch trap and low and behold we caught our selves a nice black and white skunk( sun skunks as they are called here).
Now what do you do with a skunk well you stay as far away a possible, for the last two nights his friends have come looking for him or her which ever the case maybe and they are not very happy they keep leaving us a nice smell, my neighbor made the mistake of leaving her windows and doors open, so much for airing out your house.
Jack and I helped cook yesterday at church it was hard work but we really enjoyed the fellowship with every one, did not sell as many tickets as we wanted to, but we managed to find good homes for what we had left, fixed some much chicken I started to grow feathers. Women's Ministry always do such nice things, great bunch of women.
My granddaughter Marisa is coming over to stay with me tonight so guess I better get busy and finish my work. Have a great one all and will check in later.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday- May 19th

What a great week-end did some more yard work and of course my friend Margaret had to bring more plants for me to put in the ground, did get them in before we had some rain.
My neighbor was not able to catch our digger on camera so I am going to try tonight. He was going for a trap today,sure can't wait to see what kind of critter it really is, we have so many out here and I do enjoy them but most are just looking for something to eat and this one is also but the others don't dig.
Stay Tuned

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Well last night was a great time, we fed about 120 people and everyone had more than enough, we had beef tenderloin, snaps, dirty rice and ice tea, cake for desert, all seemed to enjoy.
Have really been busy trying to plant some new plants in my yard and freshen up what I all ready have, my friend Margaret has been helpful and with her help I might end up with a green thumb instead of a black one.
Today Jack cooked with the Ruritan club, they had a cook off and won 3rd place, peoples choice.
Still have not found out what is digging holes in our yard, we now have a motion camera and hope we can catch what is causing all the holes.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Hello again thought I would answer Gary's question, sorry I forgot to mention that our new friend is 2 fox and they are great to watch, my neighbor is not to pleased because they are digging holes in his yard,told him today if he would feed them they would not dig.
Jack and I went to Sam's club today and spent over $1000.00 on food for him to cook for his ladies night at the Bronco Club for you that do not know what this is it is a hunting club for people that work or have worked a Internation Paper which at one time was Union Camp.
Well so much for that.

Tuesday-Jack's B-Day

Just getting back on so a quick up-date on my friend digging holes,well it seems a tho I have two so I started to feed them and they gave up digging.
Had a great Mothers Day the girls always give me such nice things one year it was a DVD of past pictures, then it was the scrap album they each did their on thing and then put it all together, this year it was flowers and a tree hanger and a letter,and then I cry. "My Girls" never cease to amaze me,do love them so and they are one of God's greatest gifts.
will try and post pic as soon as i learn how.
have a great day

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Well I finally got back on. Was today great or what, got a few things done, finished a project for a friend of mine.
Did a little shopping needed to get a gift for my granddaughter her B-Day is next Sat. Then Jack's will be on the 13th and he will be the big 70, and I knew him when he was 17.
Need to get outside and water some new plants that i just put in, have also been trying to figure out what is digging holes in our yard, neighbor seems to think that it is either skunk or fox or opossum or could be raccoon, maybe I can watch tonight around bedtime and see what is going on.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Hi everyone sorry i have been so long it getting started but have been having some tech problems or user, would rather think that it is tech.
thank you all for your comments.
I was told that I had to blog something before today. She thinks she is the boss of me she told me she would put out my flame,but she is gone to Mexico so what does she know.