Monday, May 26, 2008


Looks like another great day in my corner of the world.
Maybe do a little shopping and try and find a few bargains, need to pick up a few things from Farm Fresh, love their crab salad.
Now that our hole digger is gone can't seem to catch anything on our night vision camera, I'm sure the critters weren't hanging around waiting for him to clear the way.
Gig last nights dinner was B-B-Q spare ribs with baked beans and cole slaw and lemon cream cake and of course iced tea.
Shout out to all our Troops and all they do to keep us safe.


Judi said...

How did your over night visit go with Marissa? I looks a little gloomy here today.

Lexi said...

oh yum i love ribs! I hope you have a great day grandma! thanks for the commment on my page :)I won't count you out just yet. Love you

Wendy said...

I had Beef ribs, corn on the cob and seedless watermelon!

GJG said...

MMMMM, MMMMMMM, oooh man, Barbequed Ribs---baked beans, coleslaw----LEMON CAKE-----MAN I'm putting on weight here just reading how well you all eat back your way.

GJG said...

understand you have been having some computer problems, which would explain the long time (ten days) since you have added to your blog. So whats happening Joyce?----read any good books, gone shopping , come on, help me keep the kids in line-----don't make me beg.