Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday-Jack's B-Day

Just getting back on so a quick up-date on my friend digging holes,well it seems a tho I have two so I started to feed them and they gave up digging.
Had a great Mothers Day the girls always give me such nice things one year it was a DVD of past pictures, then it was the scrap album they each did their on thing and then put it all together, this year it was flowers and a tree hanger and a letter,and then I cry. "My Girls" never cease to amaze me,do love them so and they are one of God's greatest gifts.
will try and post pic as soon as i learn how.
have a great day


GJG said...

Posting pics can be kinda tricky til ya get the sequence down pat, but if I can figure it out so can you (and probabely faster than it took me). I check your blog daily, and your doing just fine---cept you didn't say just what kind of critters were digging the holes??

Judi said...

I love the blogging Mom keep it up.