Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well kids here I am again, had good day and thanks Missy for the dirty rice
Did some work today but mostly did some thinking about what I was going to take to Judi's for clothes, when a person is gone for 20 days you have to be careful as to what to pack,cold and hot.
Went outside tonight and lo and below there was a skunk just walking around and enjoying our yard and of course snow(our cat) was just sitting there watching it like it was another cat.
boy that would have been great inside the house as she is and inside outside cat. When I learn how to post pics I will be glad to share.
See ya


Judi said...

You have a whole 2 months to worry about what to bring.

GJG said...

Verrrry interesting---I throw a pic of a package of Dirty rice on my blog in response to a challenge from Missy, and voila----next thing I heah, is that Missy is bringing Joyce Dirty Rice---good stuff huh Joyce?