Sunday, June 8, 2008


Fluff and fold is any day for me I don't like to let it back up.(Judi)
Not really working in my yard just did some watering.(kalo)
If I remember correct gjg you were the last one up the hill ?
Margaret has called and wants to get a cell phone for when they go camping, the kind you use with a calling card and low and behold she wants me to go help her pick one out and then show her how to use it. LOL,LOL
I will need help with this one but I don't want to disappoint her
so that she finds out I know nothing about nothing.
Don't know nothing about birth'n no babies or phones.
Still have not decided what to have for dinner, sure is still hot here.
see ya later


Judi said...

They are called disposable phones. You can get them at Target and the people there should be able to help.

Wendy said...

I alread told her that, they have them at walmart $19.95

Lexi said...

Good Blog Grandma I love it