Monday, June 9, 2008


There was a little excitement today, someone we know was just bitten by a fox that had rabies and he will have to get the treatments and now I am afraid to feed the ones that have been coming into our yard. I went down to get the mail and heard a rustle in the leaves in the ditch by our mail box and when I stepped forward there was a raccoon he ran in the water drain and I ran like H___ getting back to the house. I was informed that they can run faster than me,but not today even surprised myself, didn't know this ole lady could run so fast.
Does anyone know what ant lions are? Go to google and put in ant lions,very interesting creatures,more like my speed and we have lots of them.
See Ya


Missy's Blog said...

Joyce ... thank you so much for visiting my blog!!

I'm going to Google ant lions to see what you are talking about.

Wendy said...

You are too funny, I enjoyed the story on the phone alot, the picture of you running up your driveway ran over and over in my head. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Judi said...

You are a big chicken. I know where Carol gets it from.

Lexi said...

I am so glad you booked it back to the house Grandma, we wouldn't want any fox eating you up. As far as speed goes, I have seen your legs I believe they could produce great speed. :)

GJG said...

OH MY GOWD!! RABID FOXES, CHARGING RACCOONS ----ANT LIONS!!!??-----(Hey, I googled ant lions-----verrrrry interesting).