Thursday, June 12, 2008


The pic is of whom do you think? Clue one of my girls, Judi, Carol, Wendy.
Still concerened about what to bring for 20 days.
Tonight made crab cakes and fries for dinner, no crab meat,cole slaw and ice tea.
No desert will have ice cream later.


Judi said...

That is for sure Wendy. I am glad you are posting pictures. Now the test is can you do it yourself?

GJG said...

I kinda would've guessed Wendy, in that the blog was about learning how to post pics and you said it was wendy teaching ya----Still learning how to play with pics here myself, still working on a hit or miss methodology to get them placed just where I want them in regard to the text message with them-----but getting better all the time. practice, practice, practice------(August is coming)