Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Hello all,
Hope everyone is well.
GJG I have a new book I want you to look out for , it was just released last night at midnight.
Author is Brad Thor, book is "The Last Patriot", setting is in Fairfax, Va. Glen Beck had him on his TV program last night. In light of all that is going on with our government it should be very interesting.
see ya


Judi said...

Don't be sucking up to GJG!! LOL

GJG said...

Will put it on my List Joyce, just got back from the Library and I'm stocked up on James Patterson--got five of his novels to read over the next three weeks----but I like the sound of this new author you mention.---and Tell Judi to stick to her scrappin---and taking pics (she's really good at that)

A Visit With Joyce said...

not sucking up just trying to give him something else to do beside blog,lol sorry GJG, just had to get back at judi.Glad you got loaded up on James Patterson, Pete likes him also.