Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lets just make one thing clear right now I may be slow but do not count me out . I have been busy getting ready for my trip to Judi's and Pete's and gosh I can't wait, just to lay around and do nothing and read and visit with my grandchildren and just BEEEEEEE.
What a great place to just BE and just reflect. Don't have to cook, clean, who could ask for more.
Will try and keep you all posted or if I can't then I'm sure Judi will be sending pics.


Judi said...

22 days slow. Your last post was 7/2/08. Keep it up it gets easier.

GJG said...

OHH MY GAWD!! IT BLOGGED ---she's alive, she's alive!!, and she's getting her act together and taking it on the road to California. JOYCE IS COMING----JOYCE IS COMING!!----YAAAAY!!!

Gary (aka old dude)

Lexi said...

Grandma I am so glad you are coming. Can't wait to see you