Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Enjoyed every blog and tried to respond.
Had a great day with my granddaughter Marisa
just kind of stayed close to home and went next door and feed their fish, they have gone off hiking and staying at a bed and breakfast.
Marisa and I feed the outside animals and then sat back and watched as they came up and ate, she did enjoy watching the deer that came to eat that close to the house, so maybe I will set out the night camera and see what we have roaming around at night,she will like that.
See Ya


Lexi said...

Grandma don't worry I am already planning your visit. I am stealing you away for a couple of days, I hope you don't mind. Can't wait to see you!! Love you

Michele said...

Hi Joyce! I upset because I finally and blogging but you didn't respond to my better add me to your friends list...LOL:-0 I'm only kidding! Have a great holiday weekend:-)

GJG said...

Have Started my first James Patterson novel, "Along Came a Spider"---two kids have been kidnapped from an exclusive kids private school in washington DC.-----thats as far as I have gotten, read thqt much while doing the laundry this am.

Judi said...

I am glad you and Marissa had a great time.

GJG said...

okayy this was posted a week ago, its now July 8----pretty sure you haven't been sleeping all this time----so whats new?


GJG said...

in the time it takes you to make a comment on others blogs (and we do love getting comments,not complaining here)--you could post a small blog input on your own----(August is coming----hang in there)