Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ant Invasion

Some of Judi's other pets,but they did not want to rest like Avi and myself and they sure could not read nor take pictures, so I went to the local hardware store and got some food for them, which they really seem to enjoy so Avi and I gave them three helping.
they seem to like this very much, we watched for about two day,then Avi wanted to try to take another picture and this was the results.
In case anyone is interested this food product is called Terro .

These are some that wanted to hang around for after hours, this stuff really works. see ya


Wendy said...

Love the comentary by Avi, but your background makes it a little hard to read. See if you can get that changes to a solid color.

Miss You!

Michele said...

Oh my! I have NEVER seen so many ants captured!!

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

I can just see you in your trendy big game hunting outfit---veiled Pith helmet and all-----you should have step in close to get your pic recorded along with your kill of the day.

Judi said...

i am not sure what you are talking about Wendy? The darker colors don't show up at all.